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Napcat: Born from a Groundbreaking Crypto Study

Discover Napcat, an app born from the intriguing observation that social media activity influences cryptocurrency performance. Our study found a notable correlation: the higher the social media engagement, the greater the crypto returns.

Armed with these insights, we created Napcat to help you navigate the complex crypto universe with confidence and insight. With Napcat, turn social media chaos into profitable investment opportunities.

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    Trade Smart with AI

    Leverage AI's prowess with Napcat for decoding tweet sentiment through AI, executing auto-trades grounded on news, and engaging with reliable brokers like Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap, 1inch, Pancakeswap, and more.

    Spotlighted by Prominent Crypto Press

    Napcat has received commendations from some of the most respected voices in the crypto media landscape. Discover their insights about our ground-breaking application.
    “Language models can be useful when forecasting stock prices.”
    Alejandro Lopez-Lira
    Finance professor - University of Florida
    “Social Media has the power to move the market.”
    Sanjit Bajaj
    Interface Designer
    “Trading crypto by following influencers can be very powerful.”
    Andrew Benson
    Product Specialist

    Meet the Napcat Team

    The Napcat team is gearing up for some MAJOR updates! 💥 With backgrounds in machine learning, product management, and engineering, get ready to unleash some serious innovation on the world. 🚀
    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Operations Executive

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